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LA8LF Anders M. Thorrud, Drammen, Norway.    JO59BS            
eme is radio communication using the MOON as passive reflector

  My NEC 4.6 Meter. dish.
  Some more pics. of dish.
  My new upcoming 3.8M Offset dish for 3CM CW EME.
  My 23CM EME SSB QSO with 8N1EME (Japan).
  My 200CM CW EME history
  My 70CM CW EME history
  My 23CM CW EME activity
  My 13CM CW EME activity
  My 9CM CW EME activity
  My 6CM CW EME activity
  My 3CM CW EME activity
  23CM CW EME log
  13CM CW EME log
  9CM CW EME log
  6CM CW EME log
  3CM CW EME log
  For sale 3CM 50W TWT plus CT1DMK PSU kit.

My Moon and Sun Positions.
Day Month Year UTC Moon AZ Moon EL Sun AZ Sun EL

 17 July 2016.